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Game Drives

Guests can enjoy up to two game drives per day over the entire 20,500-hectare Game and Wilderness Reserve. Game Drives must however be enjoyed in an official game drive vehicle driven by a certified ranger. 


The Tuli Block in Botswana is a mecca for wildlife photographers. Longwope offers the opportunity to capture magnificent images of the most sought-after mammal and avian species, as well as typical landscapes.


After a full day of activity, take a swim in our modern pool fashioned from an old farm reservoir or simply chill  on our viewing deck overlooking the water hole, or book a massage from the Saleda Spa.  The therapist will come to Longwope Farmhouse. 

African Experience

Enjoy sitting around the campfire under the African sky with its myriad of stars listening to the sounds of the bush at night.

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